The Farm

The Brandolin farm was borne out of the necessity to live in the 1920’s, along with the family’s love of nature to cultivate its fertile land.

As the years passed we chose to focus on our passion for vine grapes because the natural soil, water and sun made this the obvious choice for what nature had to offer. We believe nature indeed “offers” us this choice, and it was our decision to follow this natural path. Nature can itself be selflessly generous or insatiably greedy, but we are convinced if you respect what the earth offers in its natural form, the fruits it bestows upon us will be of the highest and most nutritious quality.

These are the principles which drove us more than 20 years ago to abandon conventional farming so we could focus solely on organic farming to embrace and capture all the earth’s natural power.

We did not make this decision because it was the trend of the future or fashionable to do so. We made this decision because it was in our hearts to do so. The work load is significantly heavier as it requires a continuous steady presence in the vineyard with far more manual work. But the satisfaction of having a unique and natural product as our reward far outweighs the additional hours of labour on the farm.

The historical saying laid down by our indigenous forefathers over the centuries fully encompasses our philosophy; “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. It is with this thought always on our mind that we labour with love each day on the farm to produce the beautiful wines for you, as nature intended them to be.