The Brandolin farm was borne out of the necessity to live in the 1920’s, along with the family’s love of nature to cultivate its fertile land.

As the years passed we chose to focus on our passion for vine grapes because the natural soil, water and sun made this the obvious choice for what nature had to offer. We believe nature indeed “offers” us this choice, and it was our decision to follow this natural path. Nature can itself be selflessly generous or insatiably greedy, but we are convinced if you respect what the earth offers in its natural form, the fruits it bestows upon us will be of the highest and most nutritious quality.


White wines


Straw yellow color with shades of green, aroma similar to that of wild flowers. Fresh taste, soft and velvety, with a hint of almonds.  >>>


Brilliant straw yellow color, complex notes of sage, anise and pear. Clear correspondence between nose and  taste, good texture with freshness and long persistency. >>>


Red wines


Ruby red color with a tendency towards purple. Intense and typical aroma. Full and fresh  taste. >>>


Ruby red color, full and fragrant aroma with a hint of little red fruits. Soft and all-encompassing  taste, intense and persistent. >>>